What is Lingerie and How to Wear It

Does hearing the word lingerie make you cringe and squirm?  Or does it get you excited and ready for fun?  While the term itself can refer to a very broad range of undergarments, lingerie generally has a connotation of being slinky, sexy and seductive.  Whether that’s your goal or you’re in the mood for something a little calmer, but still confidence boosting, let’s take another look at lingerie, what it is exactly, and how to wear it.


What is Lingerie?

Lingerie isn’t just for the boudoir, in fact, it’s meant to be worn anytime and anywhere you feel like it, and it can have a real impact on your confidence, even when worn for no one but you.  Ranging from chemises and teddies to bodysuits and lacy bra and panty sets, there’s a lingerie option for every woman, and every body shape or size.  Pretty and practical, True&Co believes in lingerie that makes you feel good, and is comfortable enough to wear day and night, which is why we design our full lingerie lineup to support both your curves and your confidence.


Types of Lingerie

We’ve all seen some crazy lingerie pieces out there, contraption like clothing that can confound as to how one even attempts to put it on, let alone take it off (if that’s what you’re aiming for). But there’s a plethora of let’s say, lower key lingerie, styles that are simple yet sophisticated, with just the right amount of sexy.  Among these, we have a few favorites:


Bodysuits & Teddys

Easy and elegant, a “teddy” (no, not the bear) is simply a bodysuit, a style that covers both your upper and lower regions, as well as the torso.  Similar to a one piece swimsuit, though thinner (even sometimes sheer), you step into the garment in much the same way, pulling it up and on.  We love the combination of ease and elegance this style offers.


Sexy Bras

Sometimes all it takes is a slight upgrade from your everyday t shirt style (which, don’t get us wrong, is a go-to for good reason) to a sexier bra.  A bit of strategically placed lace and a sweetheart neckline combine in our Madison Lace Ultimate Coverage Balconette style, maintaining generous coverage and support while amping up the beauty quotient.  Smoothing fabric moves with you and encased underwire delivers flexible comfort and support. Adjustable straps and a double hook and eye closure both with rose gold hardware give an extra touch of opulence while ensuring a proper fit.



Sexy Underwear

Perhaps the easiest way to dress up your down unders is to opt for a pretty pair of panties.  While your go-to grannies might be great, there’s something to be said for lingerie you can wear everyday.  Our Allover Soft Lace Thong delivers in this department, effortless and smoothing with a low rise, bare cheek.  Scalloped edges and plush elastic at the leg and waist ensure all day comfort on top of barely there True Body microfiber - our softest fabric ever.




Bralettes and lace go hand in hand, and as this style has gained popularity, so has the practicality of pairing one with a wide variety of looks, both day and night.  Made of super smooth True Body fabric, our Soft Lace Wirefree Bralette contours your breasts in cups made of soft lace.  With extra support from a smooth bottom band and encased elastic, this style is suited for sizes up to XL, ensuring comfort through adjustable stretch straps and a hook and eye closure.  Naturally beautiful (just like you) and made for everyday, this style will make you feel like it's a special occasion.

lace bralette


Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie isn’t limited to certain shapes or sizes, proven by our Plus Size lineup.  With offerings like our Madison Lace Ultimate Coverage Balconette Bra and our Soft Lace Balconette Bra, designed for up to DDD cup, True&Co strives to create styles that support all women.  These balconette styles are well suited to offer ample coverage and support while intricate lace details amplify your wow factor.  In lovely light shades such as Whiskey Rose and Lavender Macaron and darker tones like Striking Red and Evening Blue, we’ve aimed to offer one that’s perfect for you.

ultimate coverage bra


How To Shop For Lingerie

Once you’ve picked the lingerie look you’re most comfortable with, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for styles.  As always, fit comes first, followed in this case by fabric (high quality works in your favor here) and ultimately, how you feel in it, or the boost of confidence you get when wearing it.


Get Fitted By An Expert

Whether you’re shopping in person or online, finding your proper size goes a long way to lingerie that looks and feels great.  Many pieces are sized similar to bras, so knowing your band and cup size is a good start, and worth double checking.  Start with our guide to How to Measure Bra Size for a quick and easy at home method to taking your measurements.  Another option is to tell our Fit Quiz a bit more about you, your shape and style and choose from the resulting recommendations (True&Co returns are always free and easy as we want you to love how you look and feel in our offering).


Look for High Quality Fabrics

You don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money to find high quality fabrics, even in lingerie.  When it comes to the material closest to your skin, we believe it amps up both your comfort and confidence, which is why we choose fabrics that feel barely there, like True Body microfiber, the softest in our collection.  Especially for lace, look for silky soft rather than scratchy styles.  Sure, in some cases the goal may be to get out of lingerie as quickly as possible, but you want that to be a choice, not a necessity stemming from discomfort.


Feel Confident in the Lingerie

If we could tell you only one thing about loving lingerie, it’s this, you have to love yourself in it.  There are so many options for undergarments that when you choose to wear something even just a bit sexier, it’s likely because there’s a certain feeling you’re hoping to achieve while wearing it.  Even if it looks beautiful on the hanger, if you don’t love it when you put it on, it’s ok to move on.  While comfort is always our ultimate goal, in this case, confidence is equally as important.  Look around until you find lingerie you love, and love your body in.


How To Wear Lingerie

Ok, so you’ve found the piece(s) that make you feel stunning, sexy and crazy confident.  Now...how and when to wear them?  Before you let your lingerie linger at the back of the drawer aptly named for it, let’s look at wearing lingerie both under your clothes, as well as even a few options for outerwear.


How To Wear Lingerie Under Clothes

All of the pieces we highlighted above can be worn all day, every day from the boardroom to the bedroom as they say.  Lingerie should first and foremost be for yourself, making you feel good when wearing it.  And who couldn’t use a bit of extra confidence boost walking into a big meeting or presentation?  It’s your little secret, and it’ll likely make you stand a bit taller just knowing you’re rocking it.


How To Wear Lingerie As Outerwear

Let your lingerie out of the bedroom and leverage a bodysuit as a base layer for tailored outfits especially, such as high waisted pants, jackets and suits.  It’s also fun to wear a sexy bra or bralette under a chunky sweater, the latter of which you may choose to let peek out of a deeper v-neck cut style.  Ready for a truly bold look?  Try layering a matching bra and panties under a sheer dress (or start with just the top) or go retro/on trend again with a lacy bralette over top of a shirt or dress.


No matter which approach is right for you, we hope this helps you love your lingerie (and yourself in it), rather than stowing it away for a rainy day (though sometimes those are great for wearing nothing but).  

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