West Coast Vibes, East Coast Style

Marie Claire On Lingerie Style From Coast To Coast.  

At True, we’re bicoastal. We’re California Girls with an Empire State of Mind. And we’re not just talking about our offices in San Francisco and Brooklyn. We’re all about channeling the style vibes of the West and East coasts… and everything in between.      

Marie Claire digs into the differences between East and West, pulling inspiration from our own lady boss Michelle. Here’s what Michelle had to say:

 "The East Coast loves more structured pieces and 'traditional' styles. More people out East buy balconette and full-coverage bras. Your underwear is the foundation of your everyday wardrobe, so what is socially acceptable to wear to work has a massive influence on the kind of bra a woman will choose to buy. The types of jobs and workplaces that have sprung up out west have been less traditional than those in the east. Of course, an attitudinal shift is taking place all across the nation so we expect these trends to level out in the next few years."      

The best part is: you don’t have to choose. Rock a west coast-inspired bralette today, and an east coast-friendly balconette tomorrow. Check out the rest of Marie Claire’s findings here.

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