We're Obsessed: Japanese Breakfast

 Cloaked in a lazy dream pop haze with heavy bells and synth-y keyboards, Japanese Breakfast’s first full album, Psychopomp, sets gritty emotions to an ethereal tone.   Psychopomp has a distinct lo-fi quality that echoes singer Michelle Zauner’s previous projects, with a grander sound. Zauner’s posture is simultaneously brazen and mournful, as she grapples with a fistfull of emotions-including the recent loss of her mother.      

Sweet, jangling tones and flanged guitars blanket the heartbreak on Psychopomp, creating a more intimate experience with each listen. “Don't you think? Don't you think you should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you,” sings Zauner.  

Psychopomp is the progression of a sound from pure garage to pop, yet Japanese breakfast is a true Basement band- flanked with angst and lo-fi sensibilities.

Check out their website to hear our favorite songs, In Heaven and Everybody Wants To Love You.  

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