We're Obsessed: Whitney Hubbs

"Because it's so wrong! Because you can't do it! Because it's a cliche, because it's politically incorrect,” was photographer Whitney Hubbs response when asked why the subjects of her new photo series were nude women.  

Photography’s obsession with an idealized version of the female form-mostly propagated by men, caused Hubbs to make her own statement on femininity. Providing only slivers of a story, she teases viewers by concealing faces, cropping extraneous details, and ultimately rendering contexts unknown. Hubbs uses anonymity as a tool to create a statement-a cropped, grainy pair of legs perfectly posed against a grey-blue backdrop, toes discolored from twisting into a perfect plie. This is both the reality and the expectation of the womanhood.  

Check out Hubb's website to see more of her work.

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