We're Obsessed: Maroesjka Lavigne

"You are more than beautiful" is the title of one of Maroesjka Lavigne's photography series, which focuses on the growing popularity of aesthetic surgery in Seoul, near the tension inducing border of North Korea. Lavigne is an expert at capturing the oddities cultures unlike her own without portraying her subjects as the 'other.'    

The photos shown here are from three different series, yet have the same voyeuristic quality of looking in rather than looking at. Lavigne looks for a connection between humans and the elements around them, creating a fragmented reality where one does not exist without the other Lavigne's photographs take pleasure in seemingly otherworldly delights, as she travels to foreign countries such as Iceland, South Korea, and Africa to capture the hushed tones of a place that most outsiders overlook.

Head to Maroesjka Lavigne's website to see more of her work.        

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