We're Hiring! The True&Co. Runway Program

"I'm extremely proud to announce True&Co's launch of Runway: a workforce re-entrance and career development program designed specifically for female leaders who've taken time off from work for their family. Our office has been buzzing with excitement about several recent baby announcements, and Runway will prepare our Moms-to-Be for a smooth transition in and out of maternity leave. Established companies have had great success with similar programs, and here at True&Co, we're pleased to be the first to offer this program as a more female-oriented, startup company." - Michelle Lam, Co-Founder & CEO    

Current Runway Roles: Acting Integrated Marketer Runway is especially meaningful to us here at True&Co. as a company dedicated to empowering women. We are not only building product and services exclusively for women, but also a group of strong and dynamic individuals that believe in providing leadership opportunities and growth to other women. The dialogue around career versus family isn't a new one, and we're bringing Runway to life to help usher talented, experienced women, who took time off to raise children, back into a competitive, innovative working environment. Currently, there are very few flexible work options for some truly incredible women that chose to exit the workforce, and this is our response to helping bridge this gap and continue fostering a world where successful, motivated women can find balance between career and family. How does the program itself look?

Runway: - A 4-6 month paid program for highly qualified and talented women, ready to re-enter the workforce and continue building their career in leadership roles. This includes: - 3-6 weeks of ramp up shadowing a role, prior to the current role holder's departure for maternity leave - 8-10 weeks of coverage leading the team, while the current leader is on maternity leave - 4-6 weeks of transition while the current leader returns - Possible transition into a full time position at True&Co. - Leadership building, reference building and networking with a fast growing e-commerce company Are you a great candidate for Runway?

Look for our Runway Roles on our Careers page to learn more. Come join us and spread the word on this important initiative!  

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