How We're Wearing True Body: Staff Picks

When we created True Body, our number one priority was designing a bra that was so comfortable that you didn’t want to take it off. And that happened — we quickly realized that wearing True Body, in all it’s seamless, buttery-soft glory, was like being naked, but better.  

We knew we were going to love wearing it, but we didn’t realize how much we’d love making it a key part of our favorite summer outfits. Looking around our office on any given day, at least half of us will be wearing our True Body bras — peeking out of open-backed dresses, under muscle tees, even as crop tops (okay, maybe not in the office, but definitely on weekends). Here’s how the girls at True&Co. have been wearing True Body lately.  

I like wearing the cobalt blue True Body under my vintage Jaws sleeveless t-shirt. The primary colors feel like summer!” - Nikki  

“I wear True Body to feel natural. I never thought I could pull off a ‘crop top’ until I wore it with my fave black strappy low-back jumpsuit with True Body underneath. Crop top look: ✓” - Lauryn  

“True Body has seriously become my favorite bra. Right now, I’m wearing the True Body V-Neck under a button-down chambray shirt — it looks great with an extra button undone.” - Tiffany  

“I’ve been wearing my True Body as an extra ‘layer’ under a tailored, open-back dress. It’s subtle, classy, and so, so comfortable!” - Anda  

“As soon as the temperature hits 90, all I want to wear is my True Body Scoop Neck and a pair of denim cut-offs. The silky fabric and longline silhouette are super flattering!” - Lauren  

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