#WCW: Shaney Jo Darden, The Keep A Breast Foundation

As a part of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting amazing women who #PressForProgress in their fields and communities. Our woman crush this week is Shaney Jo Darden, founder of The Keep A Breast Foundation. Here, Shaney sounds off on Keep A Breast’s mission, the organization’s plans for the year, and what being an empowered female means to her.   Tell us about The Keep A Breast Foundation? Keep A Breast is my baby that is all grown up now — it’s almost 18! I originally started this organization 17 years ago to help one friend of mine. Keep A Breast was created 100% from love and to spread love. We educate young women about the importance of starting a breast health routine from a young age because knowledge is power, early detection saves lives, and prevention is the cure. We are not your mother’s pink ribbon organization; we are your organization. We work in countries all over the world, educating thousands of women just like you.   What makes KAB different to the other charities out there? Keep A Breast is really unique as our focus is on breast cancer prevention and breast health education. We are also the only global breast health organization with a focus on women under 40. Our goal is to reduce the rates of breast cancer, not just treat it or find a cure.   KAB and True&Co. have a real magic together and we are so proud to support you! What makes the KAB partnership with True&Co. so special to you? I kept hearing about True&Co. from friends, and when I finally checked them out, I instantly fell in love! I never wear underwire bras and it’s often hard to find cute ones that also work well, and True&Co. has all of that covered. I instantly became a customer for life.   At Keep A Breast, it’s so important to have partners that share our core values. We love that True&Co. makes a huge effort to create products with women of all shapes and sizes in mind. Working with True&Co. allows us to authentically reach a broader audience of women that are already on a path of loving their boobies by buying such great bras.   What does it mean to be an empowered female? For me, being empowered is all about radical self-love that starts with being brutal and unapologetically honest with yourself. If there are things about myself that I don’t like, I spend time with those thoughts and try to understand them. If I don’t address those things, then I’ll end up projecting that yuckiness on others, and that’s not cool! Love thyself, be at peace with all that is around you. To me, living your own truth is the most empowering thing anyone can do. It’s honest, it shines through with all you do, and it will empower and inspire others.   Tell us about KAB's 2018 plans   Our major and most exciting project is our Check Yourself! app. It’s a free app that teaches you how to do a breast self-check and allows you to schedule an automatic monthly reminder. It is also available in 6 languages. We love this app because it give women all over the world access to lifesaving information right in the palm of their hand and the privacy of their own home.   What’s your favorite True&Co. bra? I love the new True Body Front Closure Bra. It is so cute and reminds of back in the day in the ‘80s when I used to take style notes from Madonna. The Front Closure is so comfortable and pretty — I love unbuttoning the top buttons of shirts and showing it off.   ˆ Check out Keep-A-Breast.org to learn more about the foundation and learn more about how to get involved. You can also read more about our partnership here.  

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