Ways To Wear Our LBBs: Staff Picks

A good bra wardrobe is all about diversity — neutrals to wear under black, bright colors for mixing it up, different styles and silhouettes for every outfit and occasion. But man, we can’t get enough of our black bras. LBBs — Little Black Bras, if you will — always feel like the right move. Here are some of the True&Co. team’s fave LBBs:

“I’m super into Bare Plunge because I’m covered but there’s a little sheer action at the top. It’s really comfortable, especially for something a little sexy.” - Mel, Art Director, 36B

“I love the True Everyday Bralette because it’s a perfect marriage of sport and sexy.” - Nikki, Design Director, 34D True Everyday Bralette. It’s the only bralette that hasn’t fallen apart in the wash! It’s super sturdy.” - Lauryn, Creative Producer, 34B    

“I like the Bryant bralette. I’m not technically supposed to fit into it, but I love that it has side support so my boobs stay forward. Especially for someone with a medium/large sized bust… having something that’s still slim in the back feels sexy. And I love letting the lace, of course, peek out sometimes.” - Rhianna, Head of Customer Experience, 34DD

Alice Premium. I’m super lazy so I sleep with a bra a lot! In the morning, I can just put on a t-shirt and go! The thinner straps and back detail make it versatile to wear under most outfits. And it’s super comfortable.” - Tiffany, Retention Manager, 32B

“I love Gramercy because the bra is flush against my chest and the lace forms to my boobs. The lace is super silky and soft — there’s no chafing or itching. And there’s no gaping! I like wearing it with a tank top and letting a little bit of lace show through.” - Anda, Head of Marketing, 34C


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