What To Wear For You On Valentine's Day

Lingerie That’s Your Kind Of Sexy.   

Ericka Hart rocking our Seaside Longline. Here’s what we’re not going to do in our unofficial guide to Valentine’s Day: tell you that you absolutely must wear this one super sexy, can’t-be-beat bra or panty or set or bodysuit or corset. Here’s what we are going to do: tell you that you absolutely should wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Bold. Confident. Hot. And, yeah, sexy. And don't worry - we've let your man know via our friends at GQ all the advice they need to know about buying a women lingerie. In the words of our founder Michelle Lam -  “Choose something you think she would pick out for herself. Trust me, you'll find it appealing as well because she'll wear it with confidence!” In other words: skip the plastic costumes unless you know she’s into that stuff."  

Kirsy Lovett  in our striped and lace wonder suit. Remember - sexy is not just one thing — it’s whatever makes you feel like the badass, beautiful babe that you are. And there’s no wrong answer. So, take a note from GOOP and make sure your Valentine’s day is all about you.  Sexy can be black lace. It can be a push-up bra. It can be a sheer bodysuit or a corset; it can also be cat ears paired with a bralette. It can be a kimono, or a strappy-backed pullover bra that looks incredible on you when you’re doing your morning yoga. It can be a barely-there bra that hugs your curves, and feels like being naked, but better.

 Agee Taylor keeping it simple in the Uniform Demi

Ruthie Hanan letting us know whose boss in this glorious one piece bodysuit. We could go on! But we want to hear from you. Tell us, what’s #yourkindofsexy? Share with us on Instagram @trueandco! In the words of Self, wear your lingerie looks because you love your damn self.

With love,

Your girls at True and Co. 

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