True Body V Neck, The Most Unexpected Sexy Bra

We make bras to make your boobs happy… not to blow your boyfriend-girlfriend-husband-partners’ minds. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love it when someone else notices how beautiful a bra looks on you. Here’s a true story from our team member Lauryn, about her husband James’s favorite bra.  

James and I have been together for 5 years. And we’ve known each other for 13. Forever! He’s always been sweet and complimentary, but he’s not necessarily the kind of guy to… notice what I’m wearing. Especially what bra I’m wearing.  

That’s even been the case during the time I’ve worked at True&Co. and have an ever-growing selection of bras and bodysuits to wear. I’m not shy about showing off my bra with outfits, so I’m definitely not shy about relaxing around the house shirt-free. But of all the bras I wear — from sheer lace to push-ups to ‘sexy’ lingerie pieces — James has only sat up and taken notice about one bra: True Body V Neck.  

Seriously. I mean, I love my True Body bras, but they’re my comfy bras. My feel naked but better bras! Not my, I’m-wearing-something-special-for-my-bae bras. But as I was getting ready one morning, wearing my Dulce True Body V Neck, James literally stopped in his tracks.  

Wow,” he said. “That looks...incredible on you.”  

Turns out he’s still thinking about it. When I asked him why this was the bra that made him sit up and take notice, he mentioned that he loved how it clung to my body. It almost looked like I wasn’t wearing anything, it was all me, but smoother, sleeker. The color even matched my skin a little bit.   “And it looked like something that you would feel good wearing. You looked comfortable and easy, and that was really sexy to me.”  

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. And talk about a win-win for me — now, my “special occasion” bra is easily one of the most comfortable, easy-to-wear bras I’ve ever owned.  

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