Uneven Breasts

While they come in a pair, breasts aren’t always exactly alike, in fact, one out of four women deals with asymmetrical breasts, when one breast is to some degree, larger than the other.  Starting with puberty, breast size can be uneven as breasts develop and grow, though typically they will even out by about age 16 (or whenever puberty comes to an end for each individual).  If you’re past that point and looking for solutions to dealing with moderate differences, True&Co has a few recommendations to naturally even out the appearance of uneven breasts.


Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

Differences in breast size are usually related to a variation in fat layers (not milk ducts or connective tissue, the other elements that make up a breast), and they can be genetic, meaning that if your mom or grandmother dealt with uneven breasts, you are more likely to experience them as well.


True&Co was founded by Michelle Lam because we were committed to making bras that feel good for all types of boobs. We began by crowdsourcing real women’s opinions and continued with creating new fabrics and constructions to support you exactly the way you want to be supported. (Our earliest designs were based on a 26-question Fit Quiz, taken by 9 million women!) From athletic to round, east west, side set, tear drop, bell shape, relaxed, slender, and you guessed it, the most common type, asymmetrical, Lam set out to create a best fitting bra for each, helping women find their perfect match.


Natural Uneven Breast Size Solutions

We have some ways to help even out the size difference for comfort and appearance.


Bras That Smooth Your Breasts

We love the ability to smooth your overall shape and contour your natural curves, which is why the True Body collection is designed in our softest, second skin microfiber and made to lift up to a full inch.  With a variety of strap, neck and back styles, as well as designs specifically for those with fuller cups (even if it’s just one breast!), and details like cooling mesh panels, you’re sure to find the support you need.


Stuff the Cup on Your Smaller Breast

Sure, it may sound a bit old-fashioned, but stuffing your bra is actually a viable option.  Whether you go old school with tissues or cotton material, or opt for a fitted external breast prosthesis or “chicken cutlet" (a hollow, skin colored gel filled bra insert made to fit and feel just like a breast and match the size/shape of your larger breast), this is a less invasive option to surgery in dealing with perhaps a more significant size difference.


Wear Looser Fitting Shirts

Beyond the bra, you might choose to focus your wardrobe options on looser fitting garments such as shirts and dresses.  Form fitting styles will of course showcase any difference in breast size while flowy lightweight tops and oversized, casual sweaters and sweatshirts can avoid the issue altogether.


Wear a Push-Up Bra

With built in padding, a push-up bra is a good option for those with asymmetrical breasts because it naturally evens out smaller differences in breast tissue as it raises both breasts into a higher position on the chest.  For more significant differences, an option with removable pads might help push one breast into alignment with the other (pad removed) side.


Bras for Uneven Breasts

As noted in our Types of Boobs overview, those with smaller breasts may be able to even things out with a wireless bra or bralette, which mold to you and allow your breasts to determine where support is needed.  For those with larger breasts that are uneven in nature, a t-shirt or balconette style may provide additional support (with or without underwire) while helping to shape and flatter your natural silhouette.


Here are a few of our go-to’s for balancing out breast size and shape:


Scoop Neck Bra

A classic crowd pleaser (over 1200 reviews and a four star rating), the True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra offers coverage and support up to 2X/42DDD.  Made to keep its shape and retain stretch even with everyday wear (because we know you just might want to), this style is a great choice for those dealing with asymmetry for support, comfort and bonus: removable pads.

Scoop Neck Bra


V Neck Bra

Delivering on the same wirefree, seamless comfort as our scoop, the True Body V Neck Bra is another fan favorite (over 2000 reviews and another four star rating).  Made from a double layer of barely there True Body microfiber, it’s super soft, smoothing and shaping to enhance your natural shape.


Wirefree Push-Up Bra

Because we’re all about comfort, we skipped the traditional wired push-up design and instead lined the foam cups of our True Body Wirefree Push Up Bra with shaping pads in our softest True Body microfiber. Natural looking lift, without wires, and smoothing shaping pads make this unique push up perfect to help even out uneven breasts.

Wirefree Push up Bra

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