Underwear On Show

Lingerie Looks Inspired by Our Favorite Fashion Icons.

Underwear has taken a front seat when it comes to fashion and trends. Now more than ever, we’re well-aware of the bralettes, bodysuits, and slips that celebrities favor, or sub in for more mainstream apparel. No matter whether you wear it out and about or underneath it all, here’s how to make effortless and sexy sartorial choices like your favorite female celebrities.

Beyonce Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation. As an absolute showstopper in all her endeavors, Beyoncé is the reigning queen who marches to the beat of her own drum. Mismatched underwearsilky aquamarine hipsters paired with a sheer burgundy bra—made for a perfect outfit in Beyoncé’s intimate announcement of her growing belly bump. The mix of colors and fabrics is confident and playful; the sexy, grownup version of mismatched socks. To recreate Beyoncé’s botanical glow, try a plunging, soft lace bra in amethyst, silky bonded panties in baltic green, and add your own glorious floral wreath for good measure.

Rihanna If Beyoncé is the queen, Rihanna is the dark princess who never hesitates to push boundaries and show a little skin. Rihanna has made visible underwear an absolute staple in her ensembles, from off duty looks to stage performances. For the same bold look, a strappy lingerie set is the right amount of naughty. Buttery-soft hipster panties hug your curves without the bulk. The devil’s in the details when it comes to Rihanna’s look—tie it all together with a lace eye mask or fishnet stockings for that subtle hint of sexy.

Bella Hadid Fashion model Bella Hadid makes street style look like the catwalk with sexy simply pieces such as bodysuits, chokers, and long flowing coats. You can take this look to the streets, or keep it to the bedroom, with a stripe and lace bodysuit with a deep-v neckline. Or, let your bra do double duty in the form of a lace bralette —pair the bralette with a chic muscle tee to emphasize the details of the lace for an understated but trendy look.

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