Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ugly (Cute) Things

This week, we’re celebrating our favorite ugly things.  And by ugly, we mean ugly-cute -- loved clothing items, accessories, even pets! that at first glance, might come off as kind of funny looking. Like our True Body bra. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but once you put it on… damn, girl. From lovable aliens to smushed-face pugs, here are some of the True team’s favorite things that are kind of ugly… at first glance, anyway. 

 This shaved husky. Dude has a bad haircut, but you can tell he’s still just owning it.” - Tiffany

  “This cat is so fat… and I love him.” - Michelle


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  My rowing uniform!  A unisuit (or affectionately, a uni) is probably the most unflattering piece of clothing on earth–it's full-body spandex. But somehow, when I put it on to race, I feel like a superhero.  It's what I'm wearing for some of the best moments of my life and the most challenging. Plus it's not so bad when everyone else around you is wearing one too.” - Amy

  “I have a beast of a jean jacket that I got at a thrift store years ago. It's HUGE, heavy, falling apart, and should rationally be thrown away. But I'm not gonna lie... it looks pretty damn rad when I put it on. It's like I'm channeling the LES new wave/punk that lives in my soul.” - Lauren


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  “The OG of ugly cute. E.T.” - Lauryn

  “Definitely epitomizes how I felt about my pug, Frank. And pretty much all smash-faced dogs.” - Nikki


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  What's your favorite ugly (cute) thing? Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram! #trueandco

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