Our body-focused approach to finding your best fit


Our body-focused approach to finding your best fit

Fit starts with your shape,
not your bra size.

Confidence begins with a great fit. Why limit yourself to “size” when your beautiful body is made up of so much more?

TrueSpectrum is about transcending a woman’s bra size, and helping capture the unique build of her overall body.

TrueSpectrum is about you.

True&Co. is the first company to develop an online quiz with a unique algorithm to find your fit — no fitting rooms, no measuring tape necessary. Thanks to 500,000 women who have shared their fit results with us over the last two years, True&Co. has identified 6,000 body types and a spectrum of shapes to determine the bras that fit you best — regardless of the size that’s printed on the label.

The result was TrueSpectrum.


Designed to complement the standard band and cup size, you’ll now have a TrueSpectrum color after taking the quiz to help you find your best fitting, favorite bras, whether you’re looking for something sexy, comfy or for everyday.

You can now navigate True&Co. with your color as your guide to which bras are designed for you — your fit, your tastes.

The Women of TrueSpectrum

Check out the ever-growing TrueSpectrum, based on your body and presented in rainbow color:

Spectrum colors

The Inspiration for TrueSpectrum: You


“What do you do with millions of rich, female body-focused data from more than 500,000 women and counting? Make smarter bras.”

- Michelle


“I love the dichotomy that True&Co. represents — the intimate process of fitting such a personal garment with a scientific method.”

- Nikki

Our body-focused approach to intimate apparel has allowed us to intelligently build better bras and create TrueSpectrum — a new way for women to discover their true shape and the very best products for their unique body.

Ready to find your TrueSpectrum color?


Take our signature 2 minute quiz.

We want to learn the most intimate and accurate details of your body’s shape.

the quiz
discover your truespectrum

Discover your TrueSpectrum Color

Which is designed to complement the standard band and cup size.


Embrace and love what it means to be your color!

Browse the TrueSpectrum picks in your personal shop, full of bras that fit you.

How to read your TrueSpectrum color

Your curve:

In side profile, breast curvature can range from a shallow shape to full. A shallow shape will usually feel roomier in the top or bottom of the cup while a full shape will fill out the cup completely.

Your position:

This is the weight distribution of your breasts and can range from round (center), sides, bottom, or bottom + sides. Think of it as the way your breasts sit on your chest.

Your size:

Since traditional cup and band size vary by brand and style, you may spot a variety of sizes in your shop. Based on the brand, we’ve picked bra sizes that will fit you best.