True&Co. X The Girlboss Rally

We were so thrilled to be part of The Girlboss Rally 2017, an incredible event that left us inspired to conquer the world. We talked bras-of course, creative DIY kits and your favorite Saturday morning dance class with hundreds of kickass #girlbosses.

 Trueandco's founder Michelle Lam spoke alongside Payal Kadakia Pujji  the founder of ClassPass, the leading membership to the world's largest fitness network - from paddle board yoga in San Francisco to spinning in London, she makes it possible for us to train and be empowered by the best classes out there and Brit Morin the founder of Brit + Co, a beautifully curated online community and e-commerce platform that is a creating Martha Stewart 2.0 for a new generation of Millenials who still believe in DIY and the Maker movement. These power houses sat with the editorial director Elise Loehnen of Goop in a conversation about careers building companies that make women's lives better every day and being a #girlboss.  

Here are a few gems of wisdom from the Q&A > "I started ClassPass because I love dance and I wanted to find an easy way to attend classes. We pivoted a ton in our early years and we've learned from the experience each time, going from 100 class reservations in our first version to 30 million in our current version." Payal Kadakia Pujji "You gotta hustle. Don't stop. As a young mom, I breastfed in airplane bathrooms on a redeye to fit both my work and life in." Brit Morin

Check out Brit + Co's DIY kits in Target stores nationwide starting March 12th!
And to get a taste of the magic online use the code GIRLBOSS30 for 30% off any single class. (code expires on 4/10)
 "Think as many chess moves ahead as you can. Athletes do this all the time before their game, playing out every single move so they can execute seamlessly." Michelle Lam

The official theme of the day was learning how to define success on your own terms. "Success is not a straight line. If you've been paying attention in the last year, my line has squirreled in every direction and it's in a knot now, I'm still figuring it out, and I hope I never figure it out." Sophia Amoruso As #girlbosses we are always learning, with the help of mentors the community we build around us and inspired events like The GirlBoss Rally.  

When Sophia Amoruso introduced the phrase #girlboss into our collective consciousness with her bestselling memoir in 2015, did she know the global sensation it would become?  

Well, yeah, probably. That’s just one of many reasons why she was able to inspire use all at rally and BE the epitome of the term she skyrocketed into the zeitgeist two short years ago. Today, #girlboss  gets close to five million posts on Instagram and counting. And with other phrases that express similar sentiments—from #thefutureisfemale to #freethenipple—spreading across social media like a hot pink wave, it’s fair to say these have gone beyond just hashtags to become movements in and of themselves. Movements, we all at TrueandCo. are so proud to be apart of.

Be in charge of your life. Be proud to be a woman.

Be proud of your body. And always be true to yourself.


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