True Body Lift

We invented the True Body Lift in a girl geek moment because consumers told us they loved the feel of True Body but they needed something to reduce the bounce but still flattered the natural shape. The test we do is to have DDDs run up and down stairs - is there pain? Is there too much bounce? Do the girls feel secure - and this True Body Lift Plus passes the test. The bras have been engineered and designed to smooth and support your body and take away the stress of feeling constrained in your lingerie.

Bras that make you feel naked (but better!) is the foundation of what we believe at TrueandCo. To celebrate our new collection and the power of a great fit, we partnered with the inspiring and gorgeous women at Healthy is the New Skinny and Natural Models. Together we united in the name of comfort and the breaking down of societal beauty and health stigmas to showcase the power of being comfortable in your own skin. The results? A chic, minimal essential collection of bras that will leave your boobs happy. Order your new favorite bra before supplies run out!

Read Healthy is the New Skinny founder Katie Willcox’s story on the collab here  

@thatssogermaine Germaine Nichols: "As someone with a large bust, having something comfortable that holds you in like the True Body Bra is amazing because it doesn't hurt or dig into you like most bras."

 @MaliaGreiner Malia Greiner: "The True Body Bra is the sleekest, most comfy bra I have ever worn. I love that the back was smooth and didn't have a clasp!"

 @katiehwillcox Katie Willcox: "As I have grown into a woman and I have evolved into my sense of self, I no longer want my clothing to dictate how I feel about myself. When it comes to my bras, especially as a new mom, I want comfort above all else and the True Body Bra is everything I have been looking for."

Hearing the real stories from the women in our TrueandCo. community is truly inspiring and most importantly, it is what helps us serve you best in our pledge to build a better bra and make you feel amazing, every damn day.

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