True Body: The Ugliest Bra You Must Try On

True Story: When it comes to revolutionizing the bra industry, sometimes, we’re our own harshest critics. Or the biggest skeptics. Or both. At least that was the case with our True Body Collection. Here’s how it happened: “It’s so ugly,” we said, holding up the first prototype.

  “Women aren’t going to want to wear this. I  don’t want to wear this. I hate pullover bras. If I wanted to wear a sports bra all the time, well, I would. How are we ever going to sell this thing?!”

Then we tried it on... and everything changed.

That’s the thing about True Body — it doesn’t make sense when you first see it. The simple, wirefree design doesn’t look like much. But once you start wearing the bra, the power of True Body is immediately evident.

This is a bra that was designed to feel incredible, and to look amazing on your body.

We were more surprised than anyone. At least 90% of the True&Co. team hated True Body at first sight. Now, 90% of us wear it constantly. Read testimonials from the team about our True Body “conversions.”

Have you tried True Body yet? Shop the collection here.

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