True Body Lift: A First-Trimester Must-Have

When we design products at True&Co., we always have a use case in the back of our minds. That’s because our goal is to create bras that look and feel amazing, and fit into the different parts of your life, too. We have our ideas about what you might want a certain kind of bra for (easy fit for the weekend, lace for Friday nights) but we love seeing the way our True Fam wears our bras in the wild.

Take this great write-up from Megan Sayers Chapham on on the best things she bought during her first trimester. She covers everything from stretchy jeans to a nice camera and, of course, new bras. She was drawn to our True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra, “because your belly’s not the only body part that’s growing.” Buttery soft, wirefree support plus extra comfort during pregnancy? Sounds like a perfect fit to us!

Check out Megan’s full article here, and shop our True Body bras here.

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