True Body Front Closure: Inspired By Survivors

Our True Body Front Closure was designed for all superwomen to wear and love, but was very much inspired by breast cancer survivors in our True Fam. We heard that they loved the buttery soft comfort of our True Body Collection while recovering from mastectomy surgeries, but sometimes had a hard time pulling the bras over their heads. With that, Front Closure was born. We asked a few badass, inspiring survivors to test drive Front Closure leading up to its release. Here’s what they had to say:  

"I wish I’d had this bra when I had my mastectomy! It’s comfortable to sleep or lounge in and delicate enough to make me feel pretty, even in the wake of all cancer’s ugliness." -

"I spent the majority of the last 30 years dwelling on my imperfections and hating my body. Cancer woke me up and I finally learned how to see my body as an amazing source of strength and beauty. Many post surgery bras made me feel the exact opposite: medical, weak and ugly. Bras like this one from True&Co. help me feel good in my skin and physically comfortable following my surgery." - @mycancerchic

"Since surgery, my experience with bras has changed drastically. I wouldn't say that It's been challenging to find bras, but bras that I actually like... True body front closure is super soft. I felt like I was not wearing a bra. I love the lace backing. I think it adds an element that most bras that come in this particular fabric don't have. For someone that's post recovery or just in recovery, period, [the] front opening helps because you don't have to pull anything over your shoulders, because lifting your shoulders can be insanely difficult, I know that was for me going through treatment. And the bra that they give you when you are post-op, is not this cute. It's just very, very soft, like your skin wants to be in it." -@ihartericka

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