True Body Converts: Staff Stories

We’re our own harshest critics here at True&Co. Alright, harsh is a strong word… but we set very high expectations for the bras we make, and the bras we wear. Which is why we’re all so amazed by True Body.   Here’s the deal: At least 90% of our team hated this bra when it was in design. We thought it was ugly, would be unflattering, would totally bomb when we put it up for sale. But then we saw it on. And tried it on. Now? We’re obsessed. Here are the true stories of our full-on conversion to True Body, from haters to can’t-take-it-off obsessives.  

“I was definitely skeptical about True Body. I mean… it doesn’t look pretty, or like a normal bra! I didn’t get it. I thought it was ugly! But then I saw it on and thought, ‘Oh, this actually looks pretty good!’ Then I tried it on and fell in love. I go between the Scoop and V Neck depending on my outfit.” - Tiffany  

“Before working at True&Co., I would never wear unlined bras. When I’d go to a department store, their unlined bras weren’t made for real women. I always felt like they were for super skinny, sexy women… or teenagers! But now, I wear True Body constantly. I love it as a layering piece to make more revealing clothes work appropriate. And I’m getting really into Lift! Once you go wirefree, it’s really hard to go back.” - Anda  

“I hated True Body when it was in design! I thought it was ugly, and that it would be a huge fail. But it looks so good on. And it’s so comfortable! Now… it’s seriously all I wear. I gravitate towards the original True Body (especially in bright colors so I can show it off!), but I do like how Lift really holds everything in.” - Nikki  

“I thought the ‘lift’ claim of True Body Lift was all talk. But it’s not! It really does hold you in and lift you up. It’s such a good go-to for work.” - Lauryn  

“I didn’t think the wirefree thing would be for me. I just had a baby, and my boobs are definitely changing. But I’m loving True Body V Neck! I keep the cookies in, and it feels like a nice mix of comfort and modesty.” - Pheng  

“I’ve always been into ‘pretty’ bras — I’m a Gramercy girl, for sure. So True Body definitely didn’t do it for me when I first saw it. But once I put it on, I was sold. It hugs my curves (32DD, baby!) and is comfortable enough to wear all day and night (I’ve even slept in it).  I like wearing it under sheer and backless shirts to show it off!” - Lauren  

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