True Body, Be Inspired

TrueandCo’s inspirational community of women are at the heart of the brand and since the release of True Body we have had an overwhelming response from Cancer Survivors who have found comfort and liberation from the bras seamless, soft and un-intrusive construction.

“I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. My “foobs,” as we cancer survivors like to call them, are not shaped like natural breasts. They sit high on the chest, they’re round and a little flat, as they don’t have a natural cone-shaped areola/nipple complex like real breasts. Finding bras that fit, and fit comfortably is impossible. I’ve even bought bras from companies that supposedly design them specifically for us. The True Body V-Neck bra is the BEST bra (post reconstruction) I’ve ever bought. It’s wonderful. Thank you. Keep up the good work.” – Melissa

“I tried the bra on and absolutely love it. I am a breast cancer survivor and had bilateral mastectomies with implant reconstruction and it has been hard finding a bra that fits. I can’t just walk in Victoria secrets and buy a bra anymore. I had been wearing sports type bras with padding. Implants are designed for cosmetic reasons not for reconstruction, that said the shape of the breast is hard to form over in a bra fit. One that looks great with clothes on, and off.

This bra is perfect. It is the best fitting bra I have found in the past 15 years since my surgery. Thank you for creating such a well designed bra that not only looks good but is comfortable to wear!! I look forward to the other one I ordered to come in the mail! Just wanted to give positive feedback and kudos to continue with your mission! Breast reconstruction patients may not be the target audience/ consumers you had in mind when designing but wanted to let you know this should be a resource to plastic surgeons who refer for bras and prosthesis. I have had a partial prosthesis before and it’s not fun to wear just to get the same. This bra is everything I have ever looked for in a bra!” – Deb

One of our highlights of 2016 was shooting the bold and beautiful Cancer Warrior Ericka Hart who also went through a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  Her voice has been an inspiration to women all over America and we feel so lucky to have her on board as one of our True&Co. Ambassadors. True Body, a support for all shapes, sizes and breast conditions. Follow the Trueandco. Journey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We would love to hear your stories and experiences with the True Body collection