Time For A New Bra?

Okay, believe me, I get it.  You love that bright pink bra that perfectly matched your Halloween costume two years ago- but are you actually comfortable? Does it really feel like you? Truth is you’re probably in denial, suffering from lingerie separation anxiety-what if you need to wear it under a pink dress for a special occasion next year? Sorry ladies, it's not going to happen. Last week, I finally brought myself to getting rid of my favorite lacy bra I got about six years ago. It wasn’t easy, but once I purged all the ill-fitting bras taking up much need space in my lingerie drawer, it made room for new bras-the kind that I actually want to wear. Turns out there are other beautiful bras out there. Here are a few tried and true ways to tell if you're in need of a new bra-or bralette!

You're Uncomfortable Ever find yourself tugging the band or adjusting straps at the office? Straps that dig into your shoulders, stabbing or misshapen underwire, and boob spillage or gaping are all signs that it's time to ditch the dated bra.

Your First Fitting Was The Only Fitting Did you know you should get fitted anytime your body changes? This includes weigh loss, gain, pregnancy, diet, or workout changes. At True, we recommend taking our Fit Quiz once every three months to check in, as it takes into account factors such as breast shape-which no bra size chart, bra size calculator, or lady with a measuring take will do.

You Sacrifice Fit for Pretty Everyone knows that we ladies at True love lingerie, but we're especially serious about this point-you should never sacrifice fit for a pretty bra. Beautiful, comfortable bras are out there! Have you checked out our Gramercy Balconette? How about Pacific Plunge? Here at True we're all about Your Kind Of Sexy, rather than the outdated notion of dressing for someone else. What's your favorite True and Co. lingerie? Share with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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