Do It For The Girls

We’re pretty obsessed with True Body bras over here at True&Co. Buttery-soft seamless comfort that feels like being naked, but better… you know the drill. But we love seeing that you beautiful babes love it, too. We’ve gotten some pretty good vibes from you about it thanks to the fact that our True Body Bras have sold out seven times -- which, yeah, keeps us on our toes but is all kinds of gratifying.

The rest of the world’s noticed, too. Refinery29 just featured True Body in The Sell-Out, reiterating their belief that True Body may well be, “the best bra, ever,” while showing some love for our brand new True Body Lift+ for our BBBs. Check out the article here, and take R29’s great advice -- do it for the girls.

Check out True Body here, and show us how you’re wearing True Body on Instagram #trueandco

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