Think Pink

Not too long ago, New York Magazine wrote a story that summed up what we’ve all been feeling: pink is everywhere. Bolstered by a variety of factors, the color once associated with Barbie has been on the rise in recent years, saturating your Instagram feed in the form of everything from furniture to food.

Everywhere you look, objects have been doused in a most modern version of the hue, a far cry from the nearly-neon version of our childhoods. Today’s pink is cooler, reminiscent more of 1970s Malibu than Malibu Barbie.  

Rather than retro though, the color feels fresh, like we’re looking at it with new eyes; these shades are, above all, the epitome of cool. A reflection of the current wave of girl power surging across the world, perhaps? Little wonder that a color once associated with girliness would be re-appropriated by badass women and turned on its head, going from soft and gentle to powerful and statement-making—and then trend-setting. It’s time to think pink.

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