The New Nude

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that bras came in exactly one shade of neutral. It was a shade of sandy tan that matched, at best, one out of every ten women. No more of that.

At True and Co., we’re always looking for ways to make you feel naked, but better — and so more “nude” color options only seemed natural. We now offer a range of nude choices across our lingerie selections. That means that you never have that white shirt, noticeable bra thing happen again. For our friends with perfectly preserved pale skin, we knew a nude bra that matched a sun-kissed tan would be too dark. So we bring you Scallop Shell —  a softly blushing hue just beyond ivory. Reach for options like our Uniform T-Shirt Demi bra and Simone Push-Up... and then for that SPF50.

For mid-range complexions we offer Blush, Nude and Dulce — each ranging from lighter olive-toned to a slightly deeper tan. Rock our Ultimate Coverage bra and our Best Lace Hipster Ever in these shades, and you’ll be set for every day of the week.

For darker brown skin tones, Latte is richly hued to match. Lingerie choices include our Toni Unlined Full Coverage and Hidden Thong, both of which seamlessly disappear under clothes. So whether you find you’re in need of Scallop Shell or have searching for the perfect shade of Latte you’re going to find bras and panties to love.

No matter your skin tone, we’ve got you, quite literally, covered. Show us how you do neutral on Instagram @trueandco

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