The Life Changer

This is not an exaggeration - this bra changed my life. I had a mastectomy due to breast cancer at the age of 24. Now I am 45 and also have Lupus. Living life with one breast implant for 20 years has been a constant struggle to find clothes- especially bras- that fit. They also need to be comfortable.

The TrueandCo.  True Body bra has "set me free" by allowing me to put it on in the morning and not worry about my implant breast ALL DAY! I don't struggle with one strap falling down my shoulder because depending on my weight, the implant may be bigger or smaller than my natural breast. The bra does not slip at all! I also don't have to worry about reacting to colder temperatures - one nipple is natural and reacts, the other is a skin graft and cannot react. This bra has removable pads which cover your nipples perfectly. I can wear whatever I want for the first time in years and be comfortable! -Sonya.

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