The Future Is Female

On Lingerie and Lady Bosses.  

We like to keep it light at True and Co. Because we think that lingerie — from push-up bras to bralettes to cat ears — should be fun. But there are a few things we’re dead serious about. Finding bras that fit, for one. Mismatching your bra and underwear, for another. And supporting female leaders — from CEOs to stay-at-home-moms — in absolutely everything that we do.

We’re a company of female leaders. We bolster and support our employees as they take risks, make tough choices, and pursue the overall goal that all women deserve — to have it all. It takes a badass women to go after her dreams and achieve them — we want to do everything in our power to help. That can mean designing you a bra that makes you feel like you can take on the world, or at least your day. It can mean helping our employees balance motherhood and a career. It can mean seeking out young women with leadership goals, and supporting them as they start formulating their future.

That’s the goal of our Future Is Female Scholarship. We’re offering an aspiring badass babe the chance to win $3,000 to pursue her passion — whether it’s coding, film, or hell, lingerie design. Our CEO and O.G. changemaker Michelle Lam will pick the winner. Get more details here. And remember: the future is female. And the future is now.

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