The Fitting Room Rollercoaster

The traditional bra-fitting process isn’t just physical. Sure there is the cold act of de-robing, the less than flattering florescent lights, the awkward measuring tape dance. But aside from all of that, the process is also deeply emotional. As women we know all too well that many times, when the clothes come off the guard goes up. The insecurities rise. We’re forced to confront old fears and sometimes even past selves. The shapes we saw when we looked down ten years ago or two babies ago. In that bright fitting room mirror we see reflections of magazine covers and TV commercials. Even the most confident among us can feel shaken in a moment that intimate. And when whatever size you’re labeled doesn’t translate into a perfectly comfortable, supportive and flattering bra that opens a whole new rollercoaster of emotions. Frustration, anger, disappointment, self-doubt. All that from just trying on a bra? They can be powerful and painful all at once.

So here at True & Co. our goal is to reduce as much of that painful part as possible and wrangle that power. Which is why we re-imagined the bra-fitting process. From start to finish - we took away that physical aspect. No more stranger in the dressing room announcing your size as they see it and judging your reaction. Just you, whenever you’re ready and wherever you’re comfortable. Our Fit Quiz has been taken by millions of women and sure, there are still plenty of emotions involved, but there’s no pass or fail grade at the end. Just your natural shape. And beautiful bras to fit. Cue the happy tears.

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