The Case For High Waist

First, the nineties were back, and you dusted off your Stan Smiths and overalls. Now, they’re saying trends from the early 2000’s are going to be making a resurgence. And while we don’t hate the idea of say, tunics over jeans, it’s those impossibly low waistbands that really make us shudder. We’re looking at you Britney, Paris and Lindsay circa 2003, and your penchant for embellished denim with a 3” rise and endlessly exposed midriff.

So we’re here to make a case for the higher waist. First of all - there is nothing more chic than a great fitting high waisted skirt or pair of wide leg trousers. They accentuate your waist and make your legs look miles long. A low rise inseam does neither, not to mention constantly threatens to expose your underwear every time you sit down. And while we think our lacy lingerie is particularly pretty - everyone at your office probably doesn’t need to know that.

So stick with a high or even just mid-rise waist, paired with our best-selling Lace Hipster panty, True Body Hipster or Hidden Thong. All of which offer smooth, everyday comfort-no matter what era suddenly comes back in fashion. How do you show off your high waisted styles? Share with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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