The Bra That Started It All

The year was 2012, and our Founder Michelle Lam was fed up. She was all of us. In a brightly lit department store dressing room wondering why on Earth there couldn’t be an easier way. Could it really be this hard to simply find a strapless bra that fit her shape?

Name a brand, she tried it. And not a single one of them felt up to par. So she took matters into her own hands. She started with the basics - what exactly was bothering women about bra shopping? Why were so many of us wearing the wrong size and not replacing our bras until they fell apart? By inviting her girlfriends to her own apartment living room (and admittedly bribing them with champagne and sushi) she asked them to spill their lingerie secrets. Call it the original fit quiz. From there she founded True & Co. With a mission to create bras that truly fit real women’s bodies and that they’d love to wear. Including that one amazing strapless bra she never could find.

Just three years later? Her Sylvia Strapless was rated the #1 strapless bra on the internet. Refinery29 and Huffpost agreed - the firm hold around the torso, lightly lined cups, and convertible options make this one the answer we’ve all been searching for. Now in its fifth year, True & Co. continues to push forward but the Sylvia strapless (the one that started it all) remains. Because if it’s finally not broke, why fix it? This summer you’ll want to wear it under everything from wedding guest dresses to floaty off the shoulder tops. It’s going to lift you up, smooth you out and most importantly stay put. Just like it should. 

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