Cool Blues

Blue means cool, calm, collected. Serene, even. The color of clear skies, and of clear seas. No wonder the hue consistently ranks as the most popular color in the world: it has the power to soothe nerves and to ease frazzled minds—and it looks damn good on everyone. It's little wonder then that, amidst a fraught few months, the coolest shades of blue are on trend in street style circles. Whether labeled cobalt, yves, powder, sky or arctic (yep, even those Pantone names are zen-inducing), the category feels like a breath of fresh air. Or, as we like to think of it, a sartorial beta-blocker.

Clothes have that power, after all—to change your mood, to make you more confident, to equip you for your day, or night. Whether you're dominating a meeting or warrior-ing through the weekend, going out on the town or just hanging out with your bad self, the right piece will make you feel like your best self. That all starts with a good foundation... aka, a solid set of the best bras and panties that fit right, look good and most, importantly, make you feel amazing. So if the world’s stressing you out, why not wrap yourself up in the most calming color there is? To set the mood try our new True Body Collection in Cobalt. This piece will smooth and flatter all breast shapes and the bright pop of color looks gorgeous layered under simple white tees and paired with your favorite shade of denim.  

And for more of the cool blue vibes check the best lace undies ever (lace thong or hipster, you do you) in our signature Artic Ice. Then, pair 'em with a matching romantic balconette  bra that's as light as it's name, Moon Mist—and guaranteed to make you feel the same. From there, it's up to you: top off with a pale blue slip dress, pair of swingy culottes or cocoon of a cashmere sweater. Or, just stay cuddled your easy fit lougewear all day.

"I seen a lot of women, But she never escaped my mind, And I just grew Tangled up in blue..."—Bob Dylan.

Whatever the occasion, utmost-cool blue is one thing we won't mind getting tangled up in this season. Share your True blue picks with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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