Survivor Stories: Ericka Hart

This October, we’re sharing the stories of strong, inspiring women in our True Fam who have gone through treatment for breast cancer, and the experiences they’ve had with bras post-surgery. Ericka Hart, a Sexuality Educator, is one of them. Here’s her story, and a peek into her world:

Your Survivor Story: I found out my diagnosis in May 2014 after going to the doctor when I found a lump doing a self exam. I was sitting in Wall Street during a work training lunch break and my breast cancer surgeon called. I had done a series of tests (ultrasound, mammogram, biopsy) the week before, so I was waiting for his call. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer (triple negative and Her2 positive) in my right and left breasts. After a year and a half of treatment, double mastectomy, and reconstruction, I am in remission with clear scans!

Three words that describe my mood right now: Content, fulfilled, late (always running late to something — today is no different!)

On True Body Front Closure: I think this bra is great for anyone who is looking for comfort and a seamless look. The clasps in the front make for a very sexy look and convenient styling. I have always struggled with finding the clasp in the back. The clasps in the front also make it accessible to those who may be post op and have less mobility in their arms.

How Front Closure feels: I felt like I wasn't wearing anything when I wore this bra. That's the sensation I want when wearing a bra, I don't want to be reminded that it exists because the underwire is jabbing me in the side. I haven't worn a bra with underwire since surgery. After reconstruction, there was no point in having something that would lift my chest. This bra is the perfect option for when I want a little more coverage, or don’t feel like going totally braless.

What makes me feel good: Love makes me feel good. I love to love. I love being in love. Not some cliche type love, but really showing up for people in the ways that they need.  I hope this doesn't sound too cheesy, but it's true! :)

My superpower: Making a difference. I have to own that this is something that I love to do and in the process I am also receiving.

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