Ways to Wear Summer Lingerie: Staff Picks

Ah, summer. Long days, warm nights, and the kind of weather that’s perfect for letting your lingerie show… otherwise known as underwear-as-outerwear season. At least, that’s what they tell us from the True&Co. office in New York -- here in San Francisco, we’re gearing up for a chilly Fogust. But that’s alright. Summer still feels like summer, no matter the weather. And is the perfect time of year to show off our favorite pretty (comfy!) lingerie. Here’s how we’re wearing our favorite lingerie pieces this summer.

I love the back details of the Stripe and Lace Bodysuit. I wear it with open back tops and dresses.” - Tiffany

“ This summer, I’m loving pairing a statement racerback with low-v or backless tops. A lace bodysuit tucked into ripped jean shorts is so effortless and sexy (and comfortable); it’s also a great thing to have on in case opportunities for almost skinny dipping arise!” - Michelle

“Our Crochet Bodysuit with my old Levi's and a silk black shirt. Think it's a weird combo? It is, but they balance each other out. High and low. Try it.” - Lauryn

“I'm all about wearing Gramercy+ under a high neck black racerback (tank or dress) -- the straps show, plus some lace on the sides and in the back.” - Lauren

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