Summer Detox

Summer’s a great time to indulge, whether you’re going for an extra scoop of ice cream or skipping a weekend workout to lounge in the sun with your friends. But it can also be a great time to detox things in your life --  ridding yourself of the excess you’ve built up over the first half of the year and making a clean start for the second half. The key: balance. Here are some of our favorite ways to give summer a refresh. You can count on us to say yes way, rosé. But sometimes we skip the pink drink in favor of something cold, refreshing and filled with summer bounty. Try infusing water with your favorite fresh from the garden picks (we love lemon, cucumbers, or mint) for a drink that feels indulgent but still good for you. Hitting our local farmers market in the summer is one of the best ways to find inspiration -- ‘tis the season for seriously gorgeous fruits and vegetables.

Summer’s the best time to get active and get outside. Instead of hanging on a pool float all afternoon, swim a few laps each hour. Craving something sweet? Take a  walk. How about walking to the nearest ice cream stand instead of jumping in your car. And nothing beats a hike on a long, beautiful summer day (and will have you all the more ready for a backyard barbecue afterwards). With weather this nice it will hardly feel like exercise but will leave you feeling energized at the end. And with all those extra daylight hours, you’ll have time to tackle a project you’ve been putting off... like cleaning out your wardrobe. Make clear piles of keep, sell/donate and trash (here are helpful tips to consider when going through your lingerie drawer).

Host a yard sale, take a load to your local women’s shelter and organize what’s left. Will all that free space you can see what you really are missing then treat yourself to something new. While we’re all for indulging now and then, we feel best when there’s a balance that feels healthy and attainable. And still involves a glass of rosé from time to time.

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