Summer Bras for BBBs

While our fantasy lives consist of bikini tops only from now through Labor Day, IRL most of our schedules don’t exactly look like a 24/7 vacay. Which means you’re going to need a summer bra wardrobe that can kick ass from 9-5, take you out on a much-needed date night come Friday, and relax to the max with you on weekends. And if you’re one of our BBBs (Big Breasted Babes), you’re going to want to that to come with a side of lift, support and comfort. Done and done. These bras that will make the rest of your summer a total breeze.  

For Owning the Week: Our #1 bestseller for BBBs, the Made of Stars Unlined Ultimate Coverage Bra was made for your everyday routine. Whether that means being a boss babe in the boardroom or chasing kiddos in the park, this full coverage bra has the support and comfort to keep up. Plus, since it’s super flattering to your natural shape, this style helps avoid that whole ‘busting out of button downs’ situation.  

For Laid-Back Weekends: Back and better than ever, our Alice + Easy Fit Pullover is now even more comfortable. With wider straps and full coverage for sizes up to 38DD, this option is for when you don’t feel like wearing a bra but still want to look cute. Nicknamed ‘The Snuggle Bra’ (because ‘Netflix and chill bra’ didn’t have the same ring to it), you’ll live in this one on days off.  

For Summer Flings: When you’re looking to turn up the heat this summer, look no further than the Gramercy+ Balconette Bra. Seriously sultry (and comfortable!) it comes in four irresistible lacy colors like bright Cobalt blue or spicy Persimmon red. This one’s all about being your boldest, most confident-self. And while you may not be on a beach in Bali, your bedroom might be an even hotter destination.   Happy boobs, happy summer right? #wemakeboobshappy

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