Squishy Bits: Boobylicious

Ever feel like there's a certain part of your body doesn't align with the norm, that you wish you could change, that you could come to accept? Of course you do! Because everyone does. We're on a mission here try the latter, embracing the parts of our bodies that are kinda weird and share our silly- if not mildly exacerbating stories in attempt to make that happen. So here goes, this week -Boobylicious! gramercy-ivy2   Here’s the deal: I have big boobs. I wish they were smaller. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. I have relatively large breasts (32DD) that, depending on the bra I wear or the tightness of my t-shirt, may look pretty big to you. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “32DD? That’s nothing, lady.” Fair enough. But I’m a prime example of a woman-who-wants-what-she-doesn’t have, a feeling I think most of us fall victim to. I have 32DDs. I wish they were Bs, or at least Cs. I love going braless and the older I get, the harder that get’s to get away with. Smaller boobs looks great sans bra. My style icons — Francoise Hardy, Kate Hudson, all have small chests. Penny Lane I’m not, at least not when it comes to bra size. A part of my distaste for my chest has to do with the fact that I gain weight in my boobs. Not uncommon, and not something that earns me a lot of sympathy — “Oh poooor you! Your boobs got bigger!” But weight gain is weight gain, however it’s expressed. It makes me a little crazy. It makes me try on my 32D bras and eye myself in the mirror, wishing it fit a little better. But this is the year that I embrace my boobs for what they are. Bigger than I’d like? Yes. A part of me? Absolutely. My boobs make me what and who I am, just as much as my dark eyes and reliable clumsiness do. I find myself appreciating the goddamn gorgeousness of other curvy women, taking it as an inspiration — hell yeah, look at her rock it. And I’ve made my chest a part of my style. I love unlined bras and bralettes that let me rock my natural shape. My original distaste for padding came from a horror of making my breasts *even bigger;* now, I avoid it because it feels too bulky, too oppressive. I’m honest about my size now — to myself and everyone else. And when summer weather hits and the mood strikes, you can still count on me to go braless. My breasts are a part of who I am, and now, I’m learning to love showing them off in a style that suits me. Eat your heart out, Penny Lane.   Love, Lauren   Lauren Sloss is a San Francisco-based freelance journalist and True&Co. copywriter whose work has appeared in Lucky Peach and Vice. She loves strong coffee, ripe avocados, and her motorcycle boots-which she wears daily. Currently, she can't stop wearing Gramercy, Bryant, and the Midnight Bralette.

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