Spring Cleaning

 It’s finally Spring. And if you’re anything like us, that itch for spring cleaning is in full force. The usual suspects are your kitchen cabinets, coat closet and garage.. but there’s one place that often gets overlooked. Your lingerie drawer. Spring is an ideal time to take stock of what’s in there, organize and start fresh. We suggest starting by pulling everything out and separating into 3 piles. Keep, toss/donate and maybe’s.

 Start with the keep pile. These should be in good condition, fit well and generally make you happy when you think about wearing them. Our Uniform T-Shirt Full Coverage Bra is likely sitting in this stack. Try everything on again for good measure - a bra you may have thought you loved last summer could fit all wrong this spring. Now the toss/donate pile. These are things that have worn out elastic and no longer provide support, are a size you won’t be fitting into again or are a silhouette you know you’ll never wear. While worn out underwear you can go ahead and toss, new or gently used bras should absolutely be donated to women in need. I Support the Girls is a great organization that distributes bras to local shelters, refugee camps and foster care agencies.  And finally - the maybe pile. Try these on again too. Do they fit comfortably? Can you think of clothes you’d wear them with? Do they make you feel happy and confident? If no to all of these it’s probably safe to toss/donate. The fun part after all this hard work is that you’ll easily be able to see what you’re missing now and replace it. Maybe you noticed you don’t have enough of your favorite True Body Hipster Panties or could really use a Racerback Bra. Now is the time to fill in those gaps. So set aside an hour next weekend and pull a Marie Kondo. Who knows, tidying that mess up might just change your life.

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