Sleeping Without Underwear: Should You Do It?

There’s a small debate brewing, especially on the internet as these things do, about whether it’s better to sleep with or without underwear.  Maybe you’ve gone to bed commando your whole life, or maybe the idea horrifies you.  Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping sans underwear, shall we?


Why You Sleep Without Underwear and It’s Benefits

Most women remove their bra before getting into bed (if not right when they walk in the door), but some also toss their underwear into the hamper after the day is done.  Proponents of sleeping without underwear (whether they put on pajamas, an oversized tshirt, or nothing at all), tend to cite two main benefits to sleeping without underwear, comfort and vaginal health.



At True&Co, our main mission is comfort, so if going commando at night means you sleep better with nothing to shift around or ride up, then we’re all for it.  Women who experience very little to no vaginal discharge may find little issue with ditching their panties, as well as those who tend towards thong, lacy or silky underwear styles for daytime wear.


Vaginal Health

The viral buzz around the underwear for sleep debate may have roots in medical recommendations.  Some doctors recommend going commando for women who struggle with bacterial or yeast infections, or general vaginal irritation.  In these cases, giving your nether regions a bit of a break from coverage can help air circulation and avoid excess moisture that could lead to such situations.


Negatives of Sleeping Without Underwear

While comfort and health sound like two winning factors perhaps swaying you to the less covered side of the debate, there are a few negatives to not wearing underwear to bed. Namely, Aunt Flo’s monthly appearance, the temperature you like to keep your bedroom at for sleep and the frequency at which you want to wash your sheets.


It’s Your Time of the Month

Menstrual cycles tend to complicate things like underwear choice, and your time of the month may not be the time you want to skip the underwear, especially if you choose to wear a pad (or need one as a backup during the heavier flow time of your cycle). As an extra layer of defense in keeping your pajamas and bedding from potential overflow incidents, you might at least opt to reserve a few pairs of period panties for these nights.


Too Cold

Some people believe they sleep better in a colder room, and the benefit of a more restful sleep temperature may mean that you need a bit of extra coverage for your derriere.  Rather than wake up because your tush is chilly, a pair of panties might help keep you warm, even if it’s just in the winter months.


You Will Need To Wash Your Bedding More Frequently

Women vary in the amount of vaginal discharge they experience, and it can also change throughout different times of your ovulation and menstruation cycle.  So while there may be parts of the month where you’re perfectly comfortable without underwear, other times you may find sleeping without them means your sheets seem a bit, ahem, damp in the AM (this could also simply be from sweat as there isn’t a barrier to catch any excess moisture).  We love the feel of fresh sheets too, just know laundry day might come a bit sooner if you skip the briefs at bedtime.

Best Underwear to Sleep In 

Even doctors that recommend sleeping without underwear have said that sleeping in a loose fitting style made of breathable material allows for ample air flow and therefore is essentially the same.  Trade in your lacy thongs for cotton briefs, boyshorts or hipsters for a comfortable, clean sleep option.



A classic for a reason, the cotton bikini is breathable and comfortable all day, and night.  Our low rise design offers cheeky coverage and plush elastic at the waist and leg, in sizes up to 3X.

cotton bikini underwear



A barely-there boyshort may make you actually want to wear underwear.  Especially in smoothing True Body fabric, our softest material.  In skin tone neutrals, pretty solids and fun stripes, this smoothing style is invisible under clothes (or pajamas) and offers a low-rise with just a hint of cheek.




Designed with the same seamless, smoothing True Body fabric our sleek hipster delivers the same comfort and low-rise but with ¾ cheek coverage.  Our softest microfiber fabric means a smooth fit and a barely-there feel, perfect for nights when you want a bit of coverage, whether that’s every once in a while, or all of the time.

hipster underwear

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