Real Talk: Postpartum Bodies

We’ve all seen it. A celebrity gives birth and mere weeks later is on a beach in a bathing suit looking like the whole thing never happened. Society seems to celebrate the quickest way possible to erase postpartum bodies. But for most women - it’s a personal journey that lasts much longer than two weeks. And here at TrueandCo. we think that’s the honest conversation that deserves time in the spotlight.

As a new Mom, life is changing by the minute and so is your body. Whether you're breastfeeding, getting back into a gym routine or just finding your new normal - you can expect your size and shape to continue to fluctuate throughout the first year after giving birth.

Taking our fit quiz - even as often as every couple of months - can go a long way in helping to find flattering bras. In turn, making you feel comfortable and confident at each phase. While so much is said about pregnancy bodies (we’re looking at you Beyoncé) it’s time we start sharing and celebrating our postpartum bodies too.

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