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Our True Body V Neck is made from a double layer of our smoothing True Body fabric that supports your natural shape of your breasts without wires.

• Sleek V neck and V back means you...

I love how it smoothes. No bra lines under a thin shirt. Alison K.

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  • Fits super SMALL and TIGHT... but otherwise love it!

    Tracy wears S

    I love this bra and own about ten of them. Love the silky texture of the fabric, the smooth lines under clothing, the surprising support and most of all the amazing comfort. I usually wear a size 0 or an XXS but followed the sizing chart and bought size S. TRUE S has always fit in the past. Well, these new bras are tiny. The rib cage (under the breast) measurement is just 19 inches! I am not a big gal and my rib cage is 29"! I cannot breath when I put them on, Painfully tight! Like a tourniquet. Unfortunately I removed all the tags, reasoning that I had purchased this exact same bra before with no problems, so I am stuck with several of these teeny tiny miniature bras. They were on sale and I was stocking up. Maybe that is the reason they were on sale? If that is so that True should have made it very clear so that I could have sized up accordingly. It is a shame, because otherwise it is a great bra.

  • Melody wears S

    I really love this bra so far. I’ve been wearing it everyday. It is not very breathable and the fabric while super comfy seems to dry out my skin a little more than your average bra. I wore it to yoga a few times not the best but not bad and if I have somewhere to go afterward and don’t want to have flat boobs its great!! the comfort and support is worth it. I typically wear 34c but in sports bras I’m usually a small or medium I ordered both andboth fit well but I kept the small because it fit better in the straps and felt like it had more support the medium would probably have been slightly more comfy though. The band at the bottom does roll up and I find my self wiggling it down throughout the day. I hardly notice it at all anymore. It doesn’t create lines If you’re wearing a thin shirt it completely disappears and I love that! It’s not perfect but I am super happy with my purchase!!!

  • Amanda wears M

    This is just a great bra. I wear a 34C typically and the medium fits me perfectly, as they recommended. I tried this out for several days and then decided to order two more. I was looking for a comfortable and modest bra to wear at work daily. It provides enough padding and support that I don’t feel I will show through, but is thin enough to be very smooth under my shirt and feel like a second skin. I am impressed by how well it supports. My back is perfectly smooth under my shirt with no bunching or rolls. It shapes beautifully and separates decently well. There is a hint of “uni-boob” as I’ve seen it phrased, but not enough to bother me for daily use. That being said, I would choose a different bra if I wanted to feel sexy on date night, but for daily use it’s absolutely wonderful. The material is heavenly and I’m not sure I can go back to traditional bras everyday. Highly recommend.