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True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra


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Supportive enough to lift you up to one inch, comfortable...

I thought a supportive bra meant giving up comfort...until now. Charity B.

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  • Jessica wears L

    Hands down - best bra I have ever owned. I've been a bra-wearing individual for 20+ years. I was accustomed to bras just generally being uncomfortable (suffer for beauty, right?). I assumed that the issues I had were just the norm. I skeptically purchased the True Body Lift Scoop Neck bra after see an ad on Instagram. I had tried similar products in the past with little success. Many similar spandex/spanx style products offer smooth lines and comfort, but at a cost of losing my voluptuous shape (boobs squished flat). And products that maintane shape, never live up to their promises of comfort (same old, same old). During my first full wear of the True Body Lift Scoop Neck bra, I immediately noticed how I still filled my shirts out nicely. No squished boobs here! And surprisingly perky, especially considering the minimal padding and wireless design. Will definitely be purchasing more!

  • wears M

    Initially, this bra was rad. I put it on and felt SO comfortable. I immediately recommended it to my friends. But for anyone with large, heavy, or low-hanging breasts, wireless bras are on a timer from the moment you put them on. By the end of the first day, I was constantly re-arranging my boobs, which kept migrating to the front and center of the bra. I wore the bra again the next day, same issue, and slightly worse. Fabric this stretchy, without the aid of structure (like wires) just can't stand up to hours of wear, over multiple days. Additionally, I live in Texas, where temps in the summer hit triple digits for weeks. I'm not confident that this fabric will handle the heat and sweat of normal activity. I can't buy a different bra for each day, nor do I see myself hand washing/drip-drying the same bra each night. It's a lovely, thoughtful design. It's just not quite there, for me.

  • AMANDA wears XS

    BUY IT. I'm 5'7", 130 lbs and usually wear a 32DD. I have a small waist compared to my cup size so finding a bra has always been a HUGE, annoying, disappointing process. I also have a rowing-related rib injury that makes it hard to wear underwires without pain. This bra is a SAVIOR! I previously ordered the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra in S, but found that it was not enough cup for my sisters to stay inside. I then ordered this Lift Scoop Neck bra in XS and it fits wonderfully! After reading reviews I decided to size down to an XS in 'Full Cup' size. The Full Cup sizing makes a big difference... (duh.) I also enjoy the fact that it extends down far enough onto my ribs — it adds an extra level of security and comfort. Uniboob is also a common prob for me, but not with this bra! I feel fully supported, and like I'm not even wearing anything. In closing: seriously — BUY IT!

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