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Supportive enough to lift you up to one inch, comfortable...

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  • Comfortable

    Raen wears XL

    For reference, I am 5’4” and around 180lbs. I have very large breasts, and finding comfortable bras was near impossible before I found True Body. I also own a True Body Lift Scoop Neck bra in 2X Full Cup, but that was a bit big around my torso, so with this bra I went with 1X Full Cup. It’s a nice fit, very comfortable, and the fabric is super soft. I wear it daily to work, and feel well supported. It does tend to bunch a bit under my breasts, and I still love taking it off when I get home, but not because it’s excruciating like my previous bras, it’s just a bit annoying after 10+ hours of wear. The straps do not dig in, but I do wish True&Co offered convertible straps with the Full Cup bras. It also tends to show through white shirts. I also want to add that they wash well, but I do use a mesh bag designed for bras, remove the inserts, and hang to dry. Overall, I am very pleased with this bra and recommend it especially to any big breasted women looking for comfort.

  • Impressive but not quite all-the-way there

    Stephanie wears M

    I threw away all of my bras and then ordered two of these. They are extremely comfortable and look attractive, even though it’s a bit closer to a sports bra look. It barely feels like I’m wearing anything and I’m not dying to get it off the moment I get in the door. The lift it provides is extremely impressive; however, I’d ideally like to see some improvement in the side profile silhouette. While even high quality underwires will never be my everyday bra again, I might still have to drop $90+ on one for certain occasions. My breasts are pretty big. I give this bra a 5-star review because I’m amazed by how much it’s improved my life. The little tiny bit of ideal shape I sacrifice in the side profile is worth everything for quality of life, but I’m holding out hope I’ll get an email any day offering a True bra that truly can replace my need to ever own an underwire again! So close!

  • Finally this bra!!

    Jessi wears M

    As a smallish person with a largeish chest, this bra is what I have been searching for! Thanks for making it in the full cup size. I normally wear a 34 DDD or F/G, my sensitive skin does not do well with underwire, and non-racerback styles usually fall off my shoulders all day. So of course it is hard to find something that works. I was thrilled to see this in the larger cup size- I've tried the other styles offered here in full cup and I like them, but the sizing has been a bit inconsistent- I found the mesh back to be too small in the cups in the small size and I spilled out of the arm holes, while the v-neck small fit correctly. I went with the medium here because the extra fabric on my small torso was not as much of a concern in this style. So happy I did!