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Only True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra, True...

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  • Must buy bra!!!!

    Marie wears M

    I ordered this in the black size medium. My normal bra size is 34 D/DD depending on the style at Victoria’s Secret which is usually my go to store. I feel like my boobs are floating right now in this bra! There’s no shoulder strain, no underwire discomfort and my boobs are just as lifted as with a standard “normal” bra would give them! I had a bit of trial and error when it came to finding the right size at True and Co. but it was so worth it for this bra! I’ve only worn it for one day so far and didn’t notice any sagging or loosening throughout the day. It seems to be holding up really well but only time will tell if it stays this amazing forever. If you’re a larger breasted lady that hates uncomfortable bras you have to try this! It’s a game changer!!!

  • Hello Perfection and Comfort

    Jessica wears M

    I am a 32DDD and I just am sick of wearing bras with underwire on a daily basis. I'm OBSESSED with this bra. Sure, maybe my boobs aren't as perky-looking as they were before with an underwire, but they are still supported and I can make it through the day without wanting to scream. I love the longer bit underneath as its less likely to roll up than the others. I also love the adjustable straps on this version. I am impatiently waiting for the more nude color (and black!) to be in stock in my size but I did order the nude in triangle lift bra to try it out. I would LOVE more styles to be in this fuller cup size and I also think there could be a great benefit to making the nudes more POC friendly as I really don't see that in the full cup sizes.

  • Love it but...

    Tina wears S

    The fit and coverage is great BUT... I need more support under the breast to lift them up. Being a DDD/E this bra would be perfect IF it had semi-molded cups or a stronger stretch type material under the breasts. I haven't tried the Wirefree Push Up Bra yet but if you took the molded cups (making sure they are full coverage for us larger breasted women) and added that to the Lift Longline full cup bra I think it might then be the best bra ever! Please try this True!!!