PMS Alert: The Panties You Want

Panties That Are Comfy, Cute, and Yeah, Necessary.  It can be hard to be a woman. Specifically, once a month when your body decides to go into full-on revolt, crave chocolate insatiably, and sometimes erupt in painful spasms otherwise known as “cramps.” #sorrynotsorry for the dramatics, babes — PMS is the worst, whether you get it once a month, once a year, or hell, one a week. Times like these call for panties that make you feel comfortable… and cute, and not like an achy bloated person (we may or may not be PMSing RN. Deep breaths). Here are our top three picks for must have “rough time of month” panties. Don’t forget to stock up — they’re comfy and cute when you’re not PMSing, too.

Buttery soft, naked-but-better True Body Hipster comes in panty form, too. Same seamless, barely-there comfort of the bra, but in curve-hugging hipster panty form. It may feel barely there, but our True Body panty has enough coverage to keep you covered.  

Smooth Lace Boyshort. Cuddly cotton jersey is everything when you’re PMSing… plus some pretty lace accents to make you feel like the beautiful babe you are. The lace is super soft, too (no itching allowed) and the boyshort silhouette will make your booty look extra cute.

Best Lace Hipster. We know, we know… lace? At a time like this? Trust us on this one — our Best Lace Hipster panty is, well, the best, for a reason. Soft, breathable lace is flexibly and comfortable, with a flattering hipster silhouette that will disappear under the skinniest of skinny jeans (respect for rocking those during PMS times).

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