Own The Week: Monday-Friday Lingerie

Must-have work week bras.   Here’s how our brains work on Monday mornings: “COFFEE.” Right, once that’s out of the way, our next thought is, “What am I wearing today?” Sometimes, the answer’s easy-favorite jeans, clean top, leather jacket, go-to boots. Sometimes, it takes a little longer-new dress? New shoes? Where's that new sweater?   One thing we don't have to worry about? Which bra to wear.

That’s because we’ve dialed in our Work Week Lingerie, or “Own The Week” bras. Here are the five steps you need to ace your work week lingerie.  

Wear bras that feel good. Recipe for a case of the Mondays-wearing a bra that hurts. Or starts to hurt halfway through the day, right before you’re due present to a board of investors. Your go-to bra should feel good. We love Smooth Lace and Uniform Demi— they shape and smooth without feeling restrictive. 

Wear bras that make you feel like a boss. Remember that board meeting? Sometimes, we like to pick our lingerie with ass-kicking in mind. Of course, bras that help channel your inner boss babe is a choice of your own. We’re fans of the Gramercy Balconette for when we want to feel the femme power, or the Seaside Unlined Longline for a little extra oomph.      

Pick pieces that look good under everything. Much as we’d like to rock the workplace in our underwear, clothes are an inevitable part of our work week style. That’s why we stock up on bras that look fab under our go-to staples. Uniform was designed to look incredible under everything— t-shirts, sweaters, you name it. Pacific Plunge is great for v-necks and button downs; Made of Stars was made for our BBB's who are tired of busting out of their button downs (it looks killer under fitted sweaters, too).     

And, pick pieces that can help make the day-to-night transition. Grabbing drinks after work? A dinner date you’ve been looking forward to? Your lingerie should be as ready to party as you are. Gramercy is the ultimate day-to-night bra; it’s smooth and supportive, pretty and lacy, and actual comfortable to wear for a 12-hour stretch. We like layering a sheer tank under a sweater or long-sleeved top — come nighttime, we’re ready to go (and to show off our sexy bra).

 Don’t be afraid to get creative, or daring, with your work week lingerie. Go-to basics are a must for the work week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock special occasion lingerie, too. Entwined is as comfortable as it is badass — try wearing it under an oversized sweater or shift dress. Or work one of our boho-sexy bodysuits into your work week wardrobe. Our Stripe and Lace Bodysuit looks incredible under jeans and a crisp button down- we’ll forgive you for letting a button or two slip when the time is right.   What are your go-to work week lingerie picks? Share with us on Twitter @truandco_us!

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