Our First True Loves

Do you remember your first love? Maybe it was a elementary school crush, a hit song, or even a pair of Doc Martins that made you feel like a queen. What about your first bra-love? For so many of us at True&Co., our first true bra love was  from Calvin Klein, the beyond iconic brand that we still associate with sleek, minimalist cool.

Sometimes, your first love is meant to last. That’s why we’re so excited to announce True Loves: Calvin Klein Underwear, our very first True Loves collection. In celebration, and in the spirit of total honesty, the True team shared some of their real deal first loves — both bras, and beyond.

Bra-Love: “Funny story: My first True&Co. purchase was a Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Bra. I’d never worn a bra that fit me so well… it changed everything for me!” - Tiffany

First Love:  “Mine was Madonna. I remember when I was 5, I saw her on a show where she moved to New York from the Midwest and I was like, I’m going to do that too! I thought she was so beautiful and I loved how she danced and I loved all her songs.” - Nikki

Bra-Love: “My very first bra was a black Everyday Calvins Bra. It made me feel so grown-up! I felt like I was channeling this whole Kate Moss look that I thought was really sexy (I still do!).” -Bea

First Love: “I still remember how much I loved this song called “Happy” by The Boys. It was all tied up with my first real crush, too! I fell in love with this guy in 8th grade named Rudy Lopez. I would dream about him all the time, and go home and put in my cassette tape of The Boys and fast forward to this song!” - Anda

Bra-Love: “I couldn’t stop wearing the Sheer Marquisette Bra when I bought it. I loved the look of it — the skinny straps that said Calvin Klein-Calvin Klein-Calvin Klein made me feel so cool and glamorous.”

First Love: “My first real-deal true love was my first car — a ‘93 Volvo station wagon that I inherited from my mom when I turned 16. I named him Rico Suave and we had adventures — cruising California highways, blasting tunes, and basically feeling the amazing freedom that comes with a driver’s license. No car will ever be the same!” - Lauren

Bra-Love: “I picked up Calvin Klein’s Modern Cotton Bralette a few years back and haven’t stopped wearing it since. It’s so soft and comfortable, and I love the look of it.” - Lauryn

Do you remember your first love? Share your bra-loves with us on Instagram #trueandco #trueloves

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