On Lingerie & Self-Love

The Future is Female Ladies, changing the future starts with ourselves. Confidence is looking and feeling your best, and not allowing self-judgment to keep you from going after your dreams. At TrueandCo., we want to help you feel beautiful from the inside out, with bras and underwear that accentuate your qualities and lingerie that makes you feel amazing.

Start with the Inside It’s hard to be confident when you don’t feel comfortable in your body. Owing the right bras and underwear can make all the difference in your confidence level. When you feel comfortable and beautiful on the inside of your clothes, it shows on the outside. Purchasing lovely lingerie and everyday bras and underwear for your body type are essential to feeling more beautiful in your skin and celebrating what makes you, YOU.

Invest in Self Love and Self Care Start by making self-care a priority in your life, from taking a luxurious bath once a week to investing in the things that make you feel great. Well-fitting bras and underwear say, “I’m worth it,” and an incredible lingerie piece says, “I deserve to feel beautiful and special.” Lingerie isn’t about trying to look like a runway model and being perfect. It’s about appreciating your body and showcasing how beautiful you really are! It’s from that place where life-changing empowerment shines through.

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