On Dreams, Inspiration, and Lingerie

The Dreamer Award From The National Retail Foundation.  

#thefutureisfemale at TrueandCo. We talk about it a lot, and believe in it even more. A part of that is believing in each other dreams, and helping each other — and all women — make their dreams come true.

True and Co. Founder Michelle set out to change the bra industry, and dreamed of creating better bras for women everywhere. This year, we were recognized by the National Retail Federation when they awarded us "The Dreamer" for our work to change the face of retail. We take this honor to heart — in large part because that idea of innovation, and fulfilling this dream, goes into every single bra we make. 

That’s why every bra has a story. Take True Body. We wanted a bra that felt like being naked, but better (and that we wanted to leave on, forever). Or Alice, the most comfortable bra, ever which was inspired by women who hated bras so much, they wore their sports bras to work. Or Uniform. These go-to, own-the-week bras smooth, shape, and look good under everything, were created based on data and feedback from millions of women. 

What’s your dream? And what inspires you to pursue it? Share your story with us on Instagram @trueandco, #thefutureisfemale.

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