New York Mag Says: True Body Is The Most Comfortable Bra For Pregnant Women

We talk a lot about the comfort factor of our True Body bras — the buttery-soft, feather-light fabric; the lack of wires and bulky seams; the way it clings to your curves without suffocating you. Feel naked, but better, right? So we were delighted to see that Kase Wickman of New York Magazine’s The Strategist agrees.

What’s more, she shared a use case that we had in mind when designing True Body: as an excellent bra for pregnant women. Here are some of her thoughts on wearing True Body while pregnant, and as a bonafide BBB (big-breasted babe) to boot:

“Unlike any bra I’ve ever tried as a larger-busted woman, it supports my chest without back bulges, strap-tugging, or quadraboob (when your bra cups are so tight, your boobs ooze over the top). Made of the softest fabric, it also gives the comfiest fit; it’s the sweatpants of bras.”

For Kase, it’s the wirefree part that’s key, “for pregnant women whose breasts will continue to grow in a short amount of time.”

Thanks for the love, NYMag! Check out the full article here, and find your own “sweatpants of bras” here.

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